Dr. Rengan is one of the best hernia surgeons in chennai who has performed thousands of open and laparoscopic hernia surgeries. He has special interests in performing hernia surgeries under local anesthesia in patients who are medically unfit for other procedures. He is also trained in advanced laparoscopic procedures for complex hernias. Along with tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, he has performed a high number of complex hernia surgeries. He is also considered an expert in performing advanced surgeries like TAR for complex ventral hernias.

As a leading hernia surgeon in chennai, he also taught surgeons and medical students about hernia surgery. Dr ( Major ) R S Rengan (Best Laparoscopic Surgeon) has been a pioneer in the use of the Ultra-Pro Hernia Mesh system which has been evaluated as one of the most effective meshes in the world. Laparoscopic surgery for hernia is also indicated in very obese people and in those with hernias on both sides.

Dr ( Major ) R S Rengan was a council member of the National Committee on Uniform Surgical Training for Hernia Surgery for postgraduates. It is advised that you visit an experienced surgeon to avoid complications.

What is a hernia?

A Hernia is the abnormal protrusion of an organ or the covering of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. There are different types of hernias, each requiring a specific treatment or management. The most common hernias develop within the abdomen when the wall is weak. It evolves into a localized hole, or “defect”, through which fat, or abdominal organs may protrude.

Am I at a risk of developing a hernia?

You have a higher risk of developing it:

  • If you are a smoker
  • Your family members have previously suffered from this condition
  • The job involves lifting heavyweights
  • Having a chronic cough or constipation
  • If you have any collagen disorders
  • Suffering from cystic fibrosis or any chronic lung infections or any chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.
  • Undergone any previous abdominal surgeries or cesarean deliveries
  • Incidence is more common among males and pregnant women.

What are the symptoms associated with a hernia?

A hernia is normally a bulge or a swelling under the skin. The location of the hernia is an indication of the type of hernia. Mostly they present as a painless swelling which regresses only on lying down. Often the hernia may become prominent only while you are doing some strenuous activity. It is possible that the hernia may regress on its own without causing any problems. A hernia in the groin is an inguinal hernia and a hernia in the abdomen is called a ventral hernia. Dr. Rengan is one of the best hernia surgeons in chennai who performs all types of hernia surgeries effectively

When do I consult a doctor?

Sometimes with the passage of time, the hernia may become painful-often associated with a dragging pain, especially on exertion. Another indication to seek immediate medical attention is when the hernia loses its ability to go back even when you push it inside.

What are the complications associated with an untreated hernia?

A large unrepaired hernia may disrupt your normal chores and day-to-day activities. Sometimes the hernia may become incarcerated or trapped outside the abdominal wall. Additionally, it might become tightly trapped or strangulated that it no longer receives any blood supply causing the death of the tissues trapped outside. Excruciating pain, Fever, and Inflammation of the region around are all symptoms of strangulated hernia. All these complications are often avoided by timely surgical intervention. The only treatment for a hernia is surgery

What are the surgeries offer for inguinal hernias?

There are two ways you can approach a hernia case:

Open Surgery:

Open surgery for inguinal hernia repair is safe, can be done under general or local anesthesia, where the surgeon puts a single large cut (incision) over the hernia and the contents protruding out are gently pushed in and the deficiency through which the hernia came out is strengthened using a mesh. Dr. Rengan has been a pioneer in the use of Ultra-Pro Hernia Mesh system which has been rated as one of the most effective meshes in the world.

At request, Desarda surgery without mesh can be performed in suitable patients

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery (keyhole):

In Laparoscopic surgery instead of the single large incision, three small incisions are put and a tube containing a camera is pushed through one of the openings so that the surgeon gets to see inside the abdomen through the screen placed nearby.

There are two types of laparoscopic procedures for inguinal hernias:

Transabdominal preperitoneal or TAPP:

Here the hernia is approached through the lining covering your abdomen (peritoneum). After the herniation is pulled back inside the area is strengthened by fastening a mesh to the deficiency.

Totally Extraperitoneal or TEP:

This is a more recent technique where the hernia is approached extraperitoneal. The deficiency is sealed with stitches or glue.

What surgery options do we have for ventral hernias?

Ventral hernias cannot recover on their own. Most often, ventral hernias (hernia in the abdomen) are surgically treated to prevent the risk of intestinal strangulation, so both open and laparoscopic surgery can be performed for patients. There are also special techniques such as TAR, eTEP which are performed in select patients. Laparoscopic surgery for hernia has made incredible progress over the year and is now the preferred treatment for hernia surgery using the latest lightweight mesh. The lightweight mesh significantly preventing the recurrence of the hernia rates and postoperative complications and enables patients to return home within one day.

Which among the above procedures would be a better option?

Both surgeries have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Laparoscopic hernia surgery offers a short recovery time, less postoperative discomfort, and less conspicuous scars, whereas open surgery has the advantage of not requiring general anesthesia. Some complex hernias are also better treated by open surgery. So the best treatment option depends on the state of the patient

However, the skill and experience of your surgeon in hernias are a major factor. Dr. Rengan is a highly qualified and experienced Laparoscopic hernia surgeon considered to be an expert in performing advanced surgery for complex ventral hernia such as TAR with excellent results.