Gynaecomastia or Male Breast Enlargement can be a major source of embarrassment for men of all ages. It is however important to seek appropriate treatment. Dr. Rengan has performed thousands of gynaecomastia surgeries with excellent results

What is Gynaecomastia?

Male breasts usually develop at the time of puberty and can be associated with obesity. Certain medications and endocrine defects can also cause gynaecomastia. To put it simply, gynaecomastia is an inappropriate enlargement of breast tissue among males. In gynaecomastia, either the glandular tissue or the fat is in excess. In most cases, it is a combination of both.

What causes gynaecomastia?

Most people have no clear reason why they develop gynaecomastia. However many hormonal factors may be present. Among 75% of the cases related to pubertal gynaecomastia, spontaneous resolution takes place automatically. Therefore surgery is recommended if male breasts persist beyond puberty. Rarely certain genetic disorders are associated with gynecomastia. Alcoholism is often associated with gynaecomastia.

How do you treat gynaecomastia?

Hormonal defects if any have to be corrected first. Surgery however is the most definitive method of treatment. It is advised that you visit Dr.Rengan, the best gynaecomastia surgeon in Chennai for treatment.

What surgeries are performed by Dr. Rengan?

The type of surgery whether it is liposuction or excision will be decided by Dr. Rengan after assessing the patient. Each patient is different and individual care is a must.

Gynaecomastia surgery offers the best results when performed by an expert and we advise you to visit Dr. Rengan, the best gynecomastia Treatment in Chennai