Dr (Major) R S Rengan

Dr ( MAJOR ) R S Rengan MS,DNB, DLS ( FRANCE )

Dr (Major) RS Rengan is a National Board-certified senior consultant Laparoscopic and General Surgeon in Chennai. He specializes in Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal and Colo-rectal surgery.

He has a special interest in Endocrine Surgery including thyroid and breast surgery and also done thousands of surgeries with Hernia, Breast, Thyroid, and Breast Cancer. He has also developed his expertise as a laparoscopic surgeon for the past 16 years in the specialty area of minimal access to thyroid surgery. He has also completed a significant number of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. He is an ATLS certified Trauma Surgeon and has had a great experience in polytrauma including bullet and bomb injuries as well as road traffic accidents. Dr. Rengan is ably assisted by his team of highly qualified associates.

Dr Vinayak S Rengan

Dr Vinayak Rengan – Associate Consultants

Dr Vinayak Rengan MS, MRCS (Edinburgh) is a highly trained laparoscopic surgeon who has trained with some of the top minimal access surgeons in the world. He has a special interest in laparoscopic oncology. He is also the founder of Surgtest – a surgical education platform for surgeons.