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Dr ( MAJOR ) R S Rengan

Senior Consultant Laparoscopic and General Surgeon

Dr (Major) R S Rengan MS, DNB, DLS ( FRANCE )

Dr (Major) R S Rengan is one of the senior most surgeons in Chennai who has been a pioneer in the field of anorectal surgery and laparoscopic gallbladder and hernia surgery. He has performed thousands of hemorrhoids/piles surgeries and also spends a lot of time teaching young residents about techniques of laparoscopic surgery.

At our centre, Dr Rengan has valued ethics over everything else and will not advise you surgery unless it is absolutely indicated. He was a former surgeon in the Indian Army and has trained in some of the best centres in India, Taiwan and Europe. Over the years our centre has gained a reputation for performing ethical and safe piles, fistula and fissure surgery in Chennai.

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Piles / Hemorrhoids Surgery

Piles are a very common problem in the Indian population. An estimated 75% of the population suffers from or has suffered from piles at any point in their lives. Therefore, piles are not a problem to be embarrassed about. If you think you are suffering from piles, visit Dr. Rengan at Home of Healing Surgical Center in Chennai, who is an expert in treating the same.

What causes piles?

It is the presence of distended veins in the rectum and anus that is the cause of all these issues. Veins usually distend when under strain, and in this situation

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Painless Laser Piles Treatment

Causes of Piles:

  • Straining while using the toilet
  • Excess weight (obesity)
  • Diarrhea or constipation for a long time.
  • Sitting on the toilet for a long time
  • A low-fiber diet, causing hard stools
  • Pregnancy
  • Regular heavy lifting (manual labour or weight-lifting)

Some of the symptoms that are typical of piles are:

  • Swelling around the back passage
  • A feeling of obstruction and discomfort while passing stool
  • Itching in the area
  • Pain that is mild-moderate. (However, long-term piles can lead to other problems that cause severe pain).
  • Bleeding from the back passage that may be accompanied by pain.

    At Home of Healing Surgical Center, our team led by Dr. Rengan deals with many patients with piles. We report a high satisfaction rate because of our patient-centric approach. We will exhaust all other possibilities before prescribing surgery. Surgery can be of many types.

    We will also make sure that no major illness or disease is missed while starting your treatment. If you have noticed blood in your stool or are having discomfort while defecating, do feel free to pay us a visit so we can guide you on the best course of action.

    Patient Testimonial

    • A more lovable, caring, reliable, soft spoken and on the more an adjustable doctor. Just had my surgery couple of days back and he made it look so simple. He is more than a doctor. You can be much Relaxed with Rengan Sir

      B H Sivaramakrishnan

    • Dr. Rengan is very positive, energetic and the best surgen I met ever before. His way of dealing with patients and their relatives especially who makes major impact on patient who are always around them is very impressive and appreciable. My wife had fistulactomy and is 100% successful now she is very much happy and leading normal life. Thank you doctor.

      Shobhan Dagani

      Patient Relative
    • One of the best doctors in town.. 100% integrity, humane approach and above all thoughtful & precise diagnostics & treatment.. The world will be a better place if there are more doctors in this pedigree..

      Ganesh Subramanian

    • My wife has underwent piles surgery. Dr.Rengan has taken utmost care & was very positive during the entire process of surgery & post surgery recovery. Explains procedure in detail & with clarity. Treatment was a pleasant experience

      Gopinath D

      Patient Relative

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