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Varicose Veins are nothing but tortuous and engorged veins of the leg and thigh. There are veins on the surface of leg and veins deep inside the leg. There are numerous communications between these veins which permit blood to pass from surface veins to deep veins. However, if this communication is blocked the veins of the surface become enlarged.


This is seen commonly in :
  • Persons whose job requires standing for prolonged periods of time like teachers , policemen , surgeons and salesmen.
  • In some people there is a genetic tendency to develop varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins occurs in persons whose intra-abdominal pressure increases. This is commonly seen in persons with any tumours of the abdomen.
  • Varicose veins are extremely common during pregnancy.
How do you present with Varicose Veins ?
  • Engorged veins running from your ankle to the thigh. They are often bluish in colour.
  • Pain in the leg while walking or standing.
  • Multiple ulcers on your ankle and leg which can be painful.
  • Blackish discolouration of your ankle and feet.
  • Itching in your foot associated with the discolouration.
  • Sometimes these engorged veins can bleed and that is a very serious situation.

Small varicose veins can be treated with simple procedures like sclerotherapy but almost all varicose veins need surgery. There are many medications available in the market for Varicose veins but none of them are effective in curing it.

Trendelenberg operation with stab avulsionM

Performed by Galen as early as the second century, this procedure came back into modern favor during the 1960s and has increased in popularity ever since. This operation involves typing up a major vein in the thigh and making small incisions over leg to remove the varicose veins.

Stripping of veins

The varicose veins are stripped off from the leg using a stripping device. This is a highly effective method and commonly employed by Dr RS Rengan.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

It is one of the latest techniques which uses heat energy from laser to destroy the engorged veins

Radio frequency Ablation

Radio frequency ablation is one of the highly effective techniques available. It uses a radio frequency probe to ablate the engorged veins.

The choice of technique depends on the type and severity of varicose veins. The latest techniques of treatment are not indicated in all