Dr.(Major) R.S RENGAN M.S., D.N.B., Dip Laproscopic Surgery (University of Strasbourg)  

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Hymenoplasty or Virginity surgery is a simple procedure surgically but a very complex emotional issue for the woman. The reasons for which a woman undergoes this procedure may be numerous but what every woman wants is a surgeon who understands her and maintains confidentiality.

Hymen is a membrane present in virgins inside the vagina. It is often ruptured during sexual intercourse. It may also get torn by certain exercises or by the usage of tampons.

Restoration of Hymen involves the suturing of ruptured ends together.It is done under local anaesthesia and is a day care procedure. At Dr Rengan’s Home of Healing Surgical Centre we ensure utmost privacy and thorough professionalism when dealing with such sensitive issues.

Patients must understand that hymen restoration does not mean that sexual pleasure will be increased. It is done only to restore a torn hymen. Hymenoplasty is a sensitive surgery and it is recommended that you choose your surgeon wisely.

Dr Rengan is qualified Surgeon with a special interest in sexology. He is a member of Indian Andropause Society and an executive council member of CSEPI (Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International). He is also a consultant Andrologist at Jananam Fertility Centre, Chennai.