Dr.(Major) R.S RENGAN M.S., D.N.B., Dip Laproscopic Surgery (University of Strasbourg)

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Enhanced Recovery

Conventional surgery is a complex affair and involves a long recovery period. Over the years groups of surgeons and researchers have worked together to hasten recovery times and make life for the patient comfortable.

ERAS® stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery.
The aims of ERAS programs are :
To standardize and optimize perioperative medical care.
To attenuate the stress response to surgery: metabolic, endocrine and inflammatory response as well as reduce protein catabolism.
To decrease hospital length stay and a faster patient recovery to normal life.

ERAS involves various changes in the usual protocol followed. These involve simple steps such as reducing duration of pre-op fasting and early removal of catheter. There are also various other changes in anaesthetic and per-operative care protocols.

The advantages of ERAS have been repeatedly borne out in a number of randomised clinical trials and meta-analyses.

Early Discharge is one of the primary aims of ERAs. However it doesn’t mean that patient health is compromised. Discharge only happens when :

  • Patients and their families should feel comfortable with the discharge.
  • In this setting they should know that they will be followed as outpatient and they could return to hospital if required.
  • Discharge criteria must be previously established


Discharge Criteria :

  • Good mobilization
  • Adequate oral intake for liquids and solids
  • Gastrointestinal transit for gas
  • Normal urinary function
  • No wound problems
  • Pain control
  • No fever
  • Patient know about possible complications and their detection
  • Patient feel comfortable with discharge

Dr Rengan has been one of the pioneers in the city in championing the cause of ERAS. He has initiated and participated in several programs in Chennai related to ERAS. Home of Healing Surgical Centre is fully committed to ensuring a safer and faster recovery for you.